SEX AND SURFING. That is the name of this blog. I know how it looks. on face value, pretty shallow right. Surfing, thats ok. Surfing is innocent, spiritual, a little bit hipster, its also a sport! Surfing is a natural pursuit that will create no controversy, it leaves no splashes when you drop it into a sentence. Want to go for a surf this weekend? Hows the surf been? I love surfing. Want me to teach you how to surf?

Now replace the word 'surfing' with the word 'sex'. Big splashes. Sex is manipluative, dirty, stolen after late nights at night clubs, held hostage in long term relationships, the runiner of friendships, the cause of many a sleepless night thinking of an ex lover in another lovers arms. Sex. I still love it though. I feel it would be betraying myself to allow it be a taboo word, to admit defeat and resign myself to the accepted convention of pretending that sex isn't important. It is. it gives life. It bonds love, it ignites the soul, it bring two people together. There is nothing wrong with being good at 'sex'. Sex is only a dirty word when it comes from a dirty mind. Be honest with people it is that simple. If you want to have sex with them, don't pretend that you want to be just friends. There is nothing wrong with how you feel. your lust is not wrong. Be proud to be a hot blooded man or woman. Sex and surfing. For me they are connected to my very being, I love them both.

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