Why it is important to have beliefs

11.11 DAY

Today is 11.11 day. For some a day of rememberance. Of a war ending. For me it is I suppose the closest I have to a religious day. At some point in my life I am not sure when I started having some weird connection with 11.11. Seeing that particular time constantly, looking at a screen, receiving a phone call, glancing up a clock. It is not so much the coincidence of this happening and by all means the logical part of me knows you can rationalise it away the way dejavu and any kind of mysticism can be torn down and stamped on by the ruthless boot of science. But for me, for about a year I felt something there, some sort of energy about the occurrences and then started realising that is was an actual thing for a lot of people. So all of a sudden I felt a little community grow around me. Now in this cynical day and age it can be quite confronting to admit to having a belief in a higher power or in a system of communication with the universe that involves a particular time of day, but I truly Believe that is what it is. It is communicating with your higher self. Seeing 11.11 frequently I think is a sign you are on the right path in life. Having beliefs is important, because if it is something you feel and it is real to you then to deny it, is to deny a part of yourself and restrict your potential. so today it is 11.11 day and in about an hour I tend to spend a minute offering a prayer to the universe asking for guidance and allowing myself to surrender to the energy that is always there that we are constantly running from, knowing full well that to allow a real belief in this crazy world allows a glimmer of hope that we are truly greater than the sum of our parts and that maybe there is a path have overshot just a little and need to be redirected back onto...

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